Summer planning can not be promoted immediately

The tourism industry is still trapped

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The local hotel industry is still trapped in the deterioration of the epidemiological data of the place, brought by the Omicron variant, but also in the pan-European uncertainty about the next day of the pandemic and therefore still unable to plan anything for the summer season 2022.

This is stated, speaking to "F", by executives of the tourism and hotel industry of the place, emphasizing that things are developing more negatively than everyone estimated within the previous summer. The resurgence of the pandemic, and in fact in a more aggressive form, as well as the tightening of measures in more and more European countries, they stressed, unfortunately delays the return to normalcy for the tourism industry.

"Already the winter season of 2021 has significantly reduced rates of traffic and tourist traffic than we estimated," said the member of PASYXE Paphos, Marios Vassilios. "As we speak today, it is characteristic that all the major travel organizers abroad have canceled or postponed any planning for 2022, with the result that the planned gradual return to normalcy of our hotel industry is postponed to a later stage and not before March. And the most worrying thing is that in the last few weeks there have been significant cancellations of reservations from abroad. "We have to face the reality that the situation will be very difficult in 2022 as well."

The hotels are experiencing unprecedented difficulties, he stressed, since the planning for the summer can not be promoted immediately. Until then, he concluded, unfortunately things in the tourism sector will continue at very low levels, as in recent months.