The viral stake that "sprouted" in the middle of the road (VIDEO)

A photo has gone viral showing a stake of the EAC in the middle of the street

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A photo published by the newspaper Phileleftheros has gone viral, showing a stake of the EAC in the middle of the street.

Speaking at Mesimeri kai Kati, the Mayor of Aradippou, Evangelos Evangelidis, commented on the specific incident, explaining that the stake was there from the beginning and then the road was asphalted.

"It was delayed in moving to a new separation, but it was scheduled to move," the mayor said.

In addition, in her statements to KYPE, the Spokeswoman of the Electricity Authority Christina Papadopoulou said that the road to Aradippou, in the middle of which there appears to be a stake of the EAC, should not be handed over for traffic.

Ms. Papadopoulou stated that the construction of the study for electrification and electric lighting of the streets at the specific point where the plots are separated, has not been completed by the Electricity Authority.

The road should not be handed over for traffic, said Ms. Papadopoulou, as the pre-existing stake still remains there and there is no lighting.

Finally, he said that the Electricity Authority appeals to all competent authorities to inform the local EAC addresses in a timely manner so that where such phenomena are observed, the EAC acts in a timely manner, primarily for the safety of the public.