The trade unions of the EAC meet to make decisions

The General Councils of the unions of the Cyprus Electricity Authority meet for information and decision-making

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The General Councils of the trade unions of the Cyprus Electricity Authority, EPOPAI, SIDIKEK, SEPAIK and SYVAIK meet today Monday for information and decision-making on issues concerning the EAC.

These issues have to do, as reported by the guilds, with the effective staffing and smooth operation of the Organization, the upgrading and modernization of the Dekelia power plant, the RES in the production and supply of the EAC, the inspection of the electrical installations and the energy storage .

"Despite all the good mood and the spirit of understanding that prevails, and even though serious decisions have been taken, they still remain on paper, because it seems that some invisible hands are preventing their implementation, while at the same time competent bodies are moving jerkily, creating a fake situation which for sure drives and maintains the high cost of energy and at the same time puts the security of supply and the adequacy of production at serious risks, with consequences for both the consumer and the economy of the place", said the guilds in a recent announcement.

Source: KYPE