All-day warning work stoppage at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The members of the Employees' Sector go on an all-day warning work stoppage

imagew 1 Work stoppage, Foreign Minister

The members of the Employees' Branch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PASYDY are going on an all-day warning strike today, Wednesday.

The announcement of the Sector states that "having ascertained the lack of response to its positions and demands, it decided after a General Assembly held on Monday 29 November, to proceed with the escalation of its strike measures by carrying out an all-day warning strike. , following the two-hour work stoppage that took place on November 1, 2021 ".

The diplomats demand, first, the revocation of the decision of the EDY to appoint a candidate for the position of Ambassador outside the Diplomatic Service, which, as they note, does not meet the presumption of meritocracy.

Secondly, they demand full implementation of the vision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which was adopted by the Council of Ministers with the aim of adequate staffing and support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the development of its executives.

Thirdly, the restoration of the cut of 15% of the rent and foreign allowances for the members of the foreign service in the general context of the restoration of the cuts, which took place during the economic crisis.

Fourthly, the exclusion of the external service and the securing of its autonomy from the reform of the public service, which is promoted, as they say, without the necessary dialogue and without taking into account the specifics of the external service.

The members of the Branch will gather in the courtyard of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The measure will also apply to Diplomatic Missions abroad at a similar / local time.

"We hope that those in charge will respond favorably to our requests and that they will show the necessary and expected response," the announcement concludes.