Teacher work attitude: "To some extent it bothered the parents"

A work stoppage always bothers someone

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Paphos Primary Education Officer Dimitris Mikellidis said that a work stoppage always bothers some people, as well as the current work stoppage of Primary Education teachers, adding that to some extent it mainly hurt parents.

I believe that the parents, said Mr. Mikellidis, took into account the fact that there would be no babysitting in the morning and made sure that their children go to school safely, at the time they had to go. He also said that the "test to stay" crews operated normally from 07:00 in the morning, as planned, even in the schools that were on strike in order to serve the children in need.

From there it continued, the schools reopened at 08:25 in the morning as scheduled and are operating smoothly. It is a new week, said Mr. Mikellidis, noting that they will continue at the same pace and with the same effort for the staffing of schools, when there is a need for replacements, as they have done so far. He added that it is well known that in Paphos they did not have any staffing problems, and that they will continue to conduct diagnostic tests for staying in school with the hope that very soon we will have very good results in terms of the epidemiological situation in Cyprus.

Then Mr. Mikellidis referred to the very good communication he has on various issues with the president of POED Paphos Mario Theodorou. They know very well, he said, that we are concerned about health safety and everything else about teachers, noting that they have seen for themselves how much they support the District Education Office to the teachers themselves.

He added that "teachers, parents and the District Office of Primary Education is a triangle that works in a way to have the best possible results", noting that "one of the gears of this machine can not bend. because the whole system will go wrong. "

Mr. Mikellidis noted that the Paphos District may be small, but continued, there is never a lack of issues. Anything can appear at any time and good cooperation and understanding between all actors is very important in dealing with anything that appears for the center of this triangle which is the children, he concluded.

Source: KYPE