Faiz Souzuoglu resigned from the presidency of the KEE

The preservation of the hierarchy began to create problems within the KEE as well


The maintenance of the hierarchy began to create problems within the KEE as well, says Faiz Sucuoglou in a written statement announcing his resignation from the party's presidency.

As reported in the occupied territories, in his expected resignation, Mr. Suzuoglu states that experiences have shown that maintaining this hierarchy no longer contributes positively, but has started to create problems within the party as well. "Even if I am not responsible for all these woes, as someone who loves his country and his party, it is impossible for me to let our party get into a bigger impasse."

I entered politics to serve, but it is not in my character to persist when I see that no service can be provided, Mr. Sucuoglu also states, clarifying that his decision is not about his resignation from politics, but only from presidency of the KEE and will continue to serve "my party and my country".

In his letter, Faiz Souzuoglu refers to his entire journey politically through the KEE and his election as party president from the first round of internal party elections in 2021. He also spoke of "unfortunate circumstances" that led the "government" under the his "prime ministry" to be dissolved and for the intransigent behavior of his partners in the aftermath which was the reason for not being able to re-create a "government" of cooperation.

He refers to a "step back" on his part for assigning the "prime ministry" in the new "government" to a person other than himself, who was the president of the party, despite the fact that the collective bodies had decided to form a "government" with same "prime minister".

He did everything in his power, he adds, to be constructive for his "country" and his party. However, what has happened so far shows that the administration is not contributing positively.

Faiz Suzuoglu thanks the collective bodies of his party, the "mayors" and "municipal members" of the KEE, the party members, the "MPs", the "ministers", as well as the state of the Turkish Republic and the and "people" for their contribution during his tenure.

The CG of the KEE, Oguzhan Hasipoglou said that after the resignation of Mr. Sucuoglou within 45 days they will proceed to a new electoral conference.

The press referred today to the expected resignation of Faiz Souzouoglu, who - as was written in various publications from time to time - was not liked by the AKP government and that is why the "government" under him was dissolved and the cooperation was not repeated for the formation of a new "government". It was also written that Ankara wanted the current "prime minister", Unal Ustel, to become the chairman of the CEE.

Source: KYPE