9.584 applications for inclusion in the Debt Repayment Plan

a 8 Work, Social Insurances

The total number of applications submitted to the Social Insurance Services by debtors, for their inclusion in the Repayment Plan of their overdue debts, amounts to 9.584, according to the results from the current implementation of the Law on Regulation of Overdue Social Contributions.

According to an announcement of the GTP, on the initiative of the Government, a Law was passed in July 2016 on the Regulation of Overdue Social Contributions, under which employers and self-employed persons can pay up to 54 installments of their overdue debts to social funds. .

Applications for inclusion in this Plan started to be submitted from August 1, 2016.

To date, out of the 9.584 applications submitted, a total of 8.535 have been approved, while from 1/9/2016 until today, a total amount of € 20,7 million in social security contributions has been collected due to the relevant funds.

Until the completion of the existing regulations in force, it is expected to be collected from the applicants who have joined the regulation and pay installments for the repayment of overdue contributions, € 57,7 million in bad debts.

Source: KYPE