Employees of the Forest Department are on strike on Thursday

They are protesting against the understaffing

imagew 1 5 Workstation, Department of Forests

Tomorrow, Thursday, the employees of the Department of Forests go on a three-hour work stoppage in protest of the non-solution of the serious problem of the understaffing of the Department.

According to a press release of the Department of Employees of the Forest Department of PASYDY, the work stoppage will take place from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.

At 10:00 a.m., a protest rally will take place outside the Ministry of Finance and a procession will follow to the Presidential Palace. "Since 2015, we denounce the understaffing of the Department of Forests and ask for solutions, without any substantial results.

At the same time that the threat of forest fires is growing, the problem of understaffing of the Forest Department is growing, posing very serious risks for the safe protection of our forests, as well as for our members, but also for society and the economy in general. ", Refers to the press release.

"Despite the promises that the Sector receives over time to support the work of the Department of Forests and its staff, despite the assurances of the law of our request, once again the words have not been put into action and the problem remains dramatic and dangerous levels ", it is noted.

According to the press release, the employees of the Department of Forests are called to work in exhausting and inhuman hours, in conditions of constant tension and pressure, in a very sensitive and difficult mission, to fill the gaps of the service, with unforeseen risks for everyone.

As it is mentioned, as a last attempt to solve the problem, the Branch requested the intervention of the President of the Republic, with three letters within a year and a half.

In summary, the employees of the Department of Forests request:

a. the immediate de-icing of all vacancies of the Department of Forests and the rapid advancement of their filling procedures,

b. the restoration of the 27 posts abolished during the period 2012 - 2015, and

c. the acceleration of the process of filling the 28 positions of Forest Officer (first appointment), the de-icing of which has been approved since last year but still remain vacant.

Concluding, they warn that "further delay in resolving the problem will force us to consider the prospect of taking and escalating dynamic measures."