Cyprus in "deep red" - The elements of the ECDC map

Cyprus is the worst epidemiological country in all of Europe

coronavirus cyprus e1615216088170 Coronavirus, ECDC

Cyprus is in "deep red", in the new map issued by the ECDC.

Specifically, Cyprus in the last 14 days has recorded 493.13 cases per 100.000 people, while in deaths it has recorded 5.63 per 1.000.000.

The bad epidemiological picture that Cyprus has been presenting lately, has resulted in the Government taking decisions for new emergency measures concerning the limit of gatherings and the use of SafePass indoors and outdoors.

As it turned out, large chains of transmission were created by the social gatherings of young people in places of entertainment but also at graduation parties.

It is worth noting that another 952 cases were recorded yesterday.


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