At the border of Ukraine, Metropolitan Tamasou: "They are looking for the race, they are looking for it" (VIDEO)

Humanitarian mission led by Metropolitan Tamasos is on the border with Ukraine


The humanitarian mission headed by Metropolitan Tamasos and Mountain Isaiah is located on the border of Ukraine.

Speaking on the front page, Metropolitan Isaiah said that "this mission has a peculiarity, although many things are identical. But we are given the opportunity to do something more. "Because we know the language, the manners and customs, our culture and intervention is more effective."

He added that the humanitarian mission did not start by chance, after seeing the map of refugee flows on the Ukrainian-Polish border and found that the Metropolitans there were familiar with him.

Asked how he is treated by the people, he said that they are used to seeing clergy, since the vast majority are Orthodox Christians. "They are looking for the race, they are asking for it," he said characteristically. The most important thing is for the other person to feel that they are thinking of him and that they can help him ".

Finally, he referred to the effort that will be made to host children from Ukraine, since many of them have post-traumatic stress and the aim is to change the environment for a few weeks.

The shipment from Cyprus is expected to return tomorrow or the day after.