The Metropolitan of Morphou Neophytos is positive for coronavirus and with symptoms

The Metropolitan of Morphou is positive for the coronavirus and with symptoms

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The Metropolitan of Morphou Neophytos was diagnosed positive for coronavirus.

According to information, the Metropolitan of Morphou Neophytos presented the symptoms of the disease in the previous days, he underwent a coronavirus test yesterday with the result being positive.

According to Alphanews, he confirmed the fact in a telephone conversation with Alpha Cyprus, where he stated that his symptoms are mild so far and his state of health is good. However, he did not want to comment further.

The Metropolitan of Morphou is not vaccinated against it Covid-19 and several times in his public statements, he strongly opposes anything to do with the coronavirus.

Recently, he was brought before a court, after he did not pay the fine of 300 euros that was imposed on him since last January.