Halloumi first in the exports of the pseudo-state

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The President of the Turkish Cypriot "Chamber of Industry" Janan Avuduk welcomed the launch of the project for farms with a capacity of six thousand sheep and goats on the "state" farms and noted that their expectation is that the so-called "presidency of democracy" to protect halloumi rights in the new period.

According to a report in the Turkish Cypriot "Yeni Duzen", as reported by the "Press and Information Office", in a written statement, Avuduk said that the "Turkish Industrial Chamber" will continue to support all projects in sheep and goat breeding that will be used specially. in the production of halloumi.

He noted that 47,70% of the regime's total exports are for dairy products and added that halloumi exports account for 75% of dairy exports.

He said that in case Halloumi is registered as a protected designation of origin and geographical indication in the EU, initially the sheep and goat milk that will be added to Halloumi should be 20% and within a decade it will rise to 50%.

"In this context, the projects developed by the Ministry of Agriculture to increase goat and sheep milk are extremely vital for the production of our halloumi as well as for our agricultural sector and our economy," he added.

According to Avuduk, the first nine months of 2019 compared to the first nine months of 2020 show an increase of 11,62% in total dairy exports, which attributed this to his "determined and timely" policies. Ministry of Agriculture and the high risks undertaken by producers in the export markets.

Source: KYPE