Rethinking it for schools - What worries

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The Government is deeply concerned about the simultaneous return of tens of thousands of students and teachers to schools, while there seems to be particular concern for the younger ages as it is considered humanly impossible to observe the precautionary measures in kindergartens and nurseries.

The issue of schools, although not dominated in yesterday's meeting, occupied the Council of Ministers as several members of the Government are said to disagree with the reopening of all levels of education.
The concerns concern both the epidemic itself and the possibility of an increase in coronavirus cases, as well as the various practical issues that seem to have already been identified by the return of the students of DG Lyceum to the classrooms.

As "F" is informed, it was decided that all the concerns and concerns expressed by the members of the Council of Ministers will be recorded, in order to be presented by the President of the Republic before the scientists with whom he will have a meeting tomorrow. No final decisions will be made at tomorrow's meeting, as the Government will finalize its next steps regarding the easing of restrictions next week and after scientists will first have before them any epidemiological data that emerge until then to give the final their suggestion.

The results of the ongoing sampling programs, which concern both students and teachers, as well as employees in the retail trade and the construction sector, are considered to be of particular importance. The reluctance recorded by employees and companies to be examined has even caused concern in the Ministry of Health, which addressed the employers' organizations asking for their intervention, while making it clear that in the absence of a response, sampling will become mandatory. .

In the meantime and yesterday the number of new cases was in single digits since only two cases were announced. However, the death toll rose to 24 after another patient died in the Intensive Care Unit.

The tests for COVID-19 in schools

The sampling tests for coronavirus in schools started yesterday with the Lyceum of Kykkos B ', to which about 70 people were subjected (Directorate, teacher and other staff and students). According to the First Education Officer Nikolas Giasoumis, who attended the Lyceum of Kykkos B ', the sampling went smoothly and the response was positive. The process was done with a mobile unit, which arrived at nine in the morning at school and completed the checks at 11:00 am. According to Mr. Giasoumi, today and tomorrow the sampling checks will continue in more schools in all cities, so that there are immediate results. It is recalled that a total of 20.000 diagnostic coronavirus tests will be performed.

Source: philenews