He lent them money and they finally stole it and beat her - Two arrests

Arrests of two persons, 44 and 31 years old

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Two people, aged 44 and 31, were arrested yesterday by the Police, in Paphos, in order to facilitate the investigations regarding an investigated case of theft from a house and an attack causing real bodily harm.

The investigation of the case started yesterday morning, when the Police received information that a 48-year-old resident of Paphos had been transported injured to the Paphos General Hospital. Members of TAE Paphos, located the 48-year-old, who told the police that she had been attacked by a 44-year-old resident of Paphos.

According to the 48-year-old, on the night of January 1, 2022, she was visited at her home by two friends, aged 44 and 31, in order to borrow money from the complainant. After giving them the money and her two friends left her home, the 48-year-old found that more money was missing from her wallet.

For the loss of money, the complainant considered the 44-year-old and the 31-year-old as suspects. For this reason he went to their home in Paphos, where he asked them to return the money. There, according to the complainant, she was attacked by the 44-year-old, who allegedly hit her in the face with his hands.

The 48-year-old was transported by ambulance to Paphos General Hospital, where she was found to have a hematoma in her left eye and after receiving first aid she was fired.

Arrest warrants were issued against the 44-year-old and the 31-year-old, under which they were arrested and detained in order to facilitate the investigations.

TAE Paphos is investigating the case.