TikTok is the platform that creates the greatest "concern" to its users

According to the data, TikTok users are more interested in strict security settings in all services.

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The service or platform, whose users are most looking for strict security settings sought to find its researchers Kaspersky, who analyzed anonymous data provided voluntarily by its users Privacy Checker, a site that contains useful privacy tips for various services and Internet platforms.

According to the data, its users TikTok are more interested in strict security regulations in all services - the percentage of such requests reaches 71%.

At the same time, the owners iPhone are more concerned about internet security than other platforms - more than half of the requests (53%) refer to the most stringent security settings.

The tendency digital awareness raising encourages customers to take more care of their personal data and digital traces on the internet. The use of a wide range of privacy settings in services and platforms ensures a high level of protection for accounts and personal information as well as control of the number of digital fingerprints.

The data was collected from anonymous site visits Kaspersky Privacy Checker, between December 1, 2019 and November 15, 2021. The experts of its social networks Kaspersky analyzed the users of the services and platforms that opened the security instructions to a greater extent. Currently, the intermediate level setting is the default on the platform Privacy Checker.

In terms of digital services, its users TikTok they were not the only ones seeking strict safety advice. The Russian social network VK is in second place - the share of requests for the highest level of security is 48%.

The third place is occupied by Instagram - in which 42% of queries are related to strict regulations. At the same time, its level of security Facebook is the least worrying - its share of requests for stronger security advice is 33%.

It turns out that the owners iPhone are more concerned about protecting their data on mobile platforms. More than half (53%) requests are searches for the highest level of security, while the percentage of medium requests is 42%.

Meanwhile, 57% of users Android looking for settings for the middle level. Only 39% are interested in the strongest security tips.

When it comes to computer platforms, more than half of users Mac (59%) are interested in the middle settings, while the percentage of Windows is lower at 41%. Device owners Mac seek strict safety advice less from device owners Windows - 33% vs. 41%.

After analyzing all the requests, it also turned out that Android is the most popular platform among users looking for security tips on the site Privacy Checker: their percentage is 67%. Thus, the percentage of requests for iPhone is only 11% and 4% for Mac. Almost one fifth (18%) of all requests also come from Windows.