Precipitation: At 85% of normal in the first fortnight of June

The average total rainfall in the same period was 5,1 millimeters

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The average amount of rainfall in the free zones in the free areas from June 85 to 1 in the morning of June 9.00 rose to 15% of the normal for the month of June, according to preliminary data published on Thursday by the Meteorological Department.

According to the data, the average total amount of rainfall in the same period amounted to 5,1 mm, while the normal rainfall for the whole month is 6 mm.

Specifically, the largest amount of rainfall during this period occurred in Nicosia (Athalassa) with 43,1 mm (616% of normal), in Platania with 40,3 mm (296% of normal), in Gefyri Panagias with 16,8 millimeters (168% of normal) and in Kornos with 12,5 millimeters (121% of normal).

On the contrary, according to the preliminary data of the Meteorological Department, from the beginning of June until the 15th of the same month, no rain was recorded in Polis Chrysochous, Pano Panagia, Stavros tis Psokas, Saittas and Kellaki.