Sanitary "bomb" in Pournara - More than 80 cases

Hundreds of contacts, alarm in the tracking unit

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A new headache is reported to arise in terms of epidemiological data since the large chain of positive cases found in the asylum center "Pournara" has alerted the Ministry of Health.

As "Kathimerini" was informed by competent sources of the Ministry of Health, 82 cases have been identified so far (65 last Sunday and 17 on Monday) with the tracking unit of the Ministry of Health conducting a road race to locate their contacts.

It is understood that the living conditions and the given overpopulation that prevails in the center of immigration of Pournara (over 1200 people) has brought in addition to the given epidemiological burden of 82 -so far- confirmed cases the concern for even greater dispersion since the hundreds.

Speaking to "K", the communication consultant of the Ministry of Health, Konstantinos Athanassiou, confirmed the location of the chain of cases, stating that a mobile sampling unit has already rushed to the reception center in order to undergo a rapid detection test while the entire population of cases from the general population has been taken over by the Ministry of Interior in open line with the Ministry of Health. With the information so far, more than 50 positives have been transferred to Tersefanou.