Foreign Minister: 70 Cypriots who asked to be repatriated from Lebanon

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Cyprus also responded to Lebanon's call for help, sending a team of MMAD and EMAK with reconnaissance dogs yesterday to assist in the search for survivors, while today medical aid and medical equipment will be sent.

At the same time, Cypriot nationals, whose houses were destroyed, are repatriated by a special chartered flight, which will depart from Cyprus at 19.00. Among them are the three Cypriot women who were injured.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Christodoulidis, stated in the "First Show" of Radio Proto that more than 70 people, who live permanently in Beirut, have already registered in the platform of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and wish to come to Cyprus. Moreover, all the processes were done, so that, if the need arises, a second chartered flight will follow.

If necessary, the repatriates will be offered accommodation, as they must be quarantined for 14 days, due to the coronavirus, since Lebanon is in the travel category C.

Yesterday, moreover, Cypriot volunteer doctors informed the Foreign Minister that they wish to go to Lebanon to help and the necessary arrangements were made.

The Crisis Management Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said Mr. Christodoulidis, has received many phone calls from Cypriot citizens, who want to contribute in their own way to dealing with the crisis in Lebanon.

Asked to comment on the information that the owner and manager of the ship and the deadly cargo, which caused the disaster in Lebanon, is said to be a Russian with Cypriot citizenship, the Foreign Minister replied that from the first information he has, which he mentions with every reservation , the person in question does not hold a passport of the Republic of Cyprus.

The competent state services, said Mr. Christodoulidis, have expressed their readiness, through the Interpol office in Nicosia, to assist in the actions of the Lebanese police authorities. We do not have a formal request, so far, the Foreign Minister clarified, but we ourselves expressed our readiness to assist and they replied that if they need any help they will contact us.

Source: Sigmalive