From August 1, British tourists under certain conditions

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The opinion that England could enter category B from August 1, if the good image presented in the last few days continues, was expressed by epidemiologists during today's meeting at the Presidential Palace.

Speaking after the meeting, Health Minister Konstantinos Ioannou said that the categorization of countries had been examined, adding that special reference was made to countries with a significant contribution to tourism in Cyprus, such as England, Russia and Israel.

Mr Ioannou noted that Israel was not among the countries on the European Union's list and that Cyprus could not receive tourists from the neighboring country.

As for Russia, the country remains in category C, as the epidemiological picture in the country remains poor.

At the same time, the Minister stated that a general assessment of the epidemiological picture was made in Cyprus, while as he stated, it was decided to re-evaluate all the protocols.

Mr. Ioannou also underlined that after a proposal by Dr. Leontiou Kostrikki, the government will proceed with a fivefold increase in airport controls at no extra cost, following the example of other countries.

No worries about roadblocks

On the other hand, Dr. Petros Karagiannis said that a brief discussion was held on the roadblock on Ledra Street, without, however, differentiating the government's position on this issue.

In general, regarding roadblocks, Dr. Karagiannis stressed that there is no particular concern, as the Turkish Cypriots degraded Turkey, adding more control to those who reach the occupied territories.

He also noted that the changes in the protocols decided today will be announced after the meeting of the Council of Ministers next Wednesday.

Source: politis