London is a ghost town

New financial blow, just before the holidays

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The Omicron variant empties pubs, clubs and restaurants, which were already trying to recover after months of quarantine. New financial blow, just before the holidays.

UK Health Minister Gillian Keegan said on Thursday that the government had no plans to introduce new restrictions ahead of the Christmas holidays.

He noted that people should make a "reasonable choice" before attending parties or larger social gatherings, adding that they should also take a test before and after attending such events.

The comments come as the United Kingdom has the highest number of daily coronavirus cases since the pandemic began, with officials calling the Omicron variant the "biggest threat to public health".

London is a ghost town

The British hospitality industry, which is already trying to recover from months of quarantine, is being hit financially hard again. So far there is no government "safety net".

According to Bloomberg, the trade is slowing down in view of the festive season, as people stay at home and avoid socializing in pubs, clubs and restaurants.

The following is an indication of the cancellations (654) in one of the four restaurants of the company, in the last six days.

At the same time, the means of transport are emptied. The number of people using the London Underground fell by almost 20% at rush hour on Monday morning, according to official figures.