Averof: I may not be liked, but I am necessary for our country

"I may not be liked, but I am necessary for our country"

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In a small and very sensitive Cypriot economy, a wrong decision can cause irreparable damage, stated the President of DISY and candidate for President of the Republic, Averof Neophytou, at the same time assessing that any aid must rest on the shoulders of a strong society with strong foundations and with strong economic growth rates. He also spoke about the "successful" ten-year Anastasiades-DISY Government, saying that some fought battles and turned their backs for it.

Speaking to a gathering of his friends and supporters, on Sunday evening outside the Paphos Municipal Hall, Mr. Neophytou said that he does not come to Paphos as a visitor, while he said that no matter how much he runs around the country, he never stopped working and for the people of Paphos "with commitment and love".

"I may not be liked, but I am necessary and useful for our country," said Averof Neofytou. He then asked if Cypriot citizens are ready to risk what was built with sacrifices in the last ten years and enter the "storm of the new crisis".

A decade ago "we were faced with an unprecedented crisis, isolated internationally in an inward-looking and dead-end path, Cyprus full of social groceries and unemployment at 18% and today, after a decade of Democratic Alert and Nikos Anastasiadis, we have recovered and strengthened our livelihood level," he said.

He continued, saying that we had a successful Government while adding that without a Democratic Alarm to support it and without some of them "fighting and putting their backs" these successes would probably not have been a given.

He spoke of a satisfactory social welfare index, noting that not only were the cuts in social benefits restored, but the "greatest social reform" was also carried out in the GeSY.

He also said that this is the only way the state can help citizens, workers and businesses, with prudent economic choices that have been tested by great challenges and succeeded.

He then referred to the "dark clouds of war" that cover Europe and shake even the most powerful European economies. He also said that Turkey is lurking "from Thrace and the Evros, from the Aegean to Cyprus" noting that it would be "political naivety" if we treat these threats as another flare.

Among other things, he said that some people cannot get their minds together and instead of having a strong leadership to lead, they will install a dispute resolution mechanism.

The gathering was attended by the President of the House of Representatives Annita Dimitriou, Ministers, party officials, friends and supporters of the candidacy of Averof Neophytos.

Source: sigmalive