"Ammochostos for Cyprus" supports A. Mavroyiannis

The support of the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Andreas Mavroyiannis, was announced in the presence of Mr. Mavroyiannis, the president of the "Ammochostos for Cyprus" party

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The support of the candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Andreas Mavroyiannis, was announced in the presence of Mr. Mavroyiannis by the president of the "Ammochostos for Cyprus" party, Pieros Karoullas. It is noted that Mr. Mavroyiannis had previously met with members of the movement's political office in the candidate's electoral staff.

After the meeting, Mr. Mavroyiannis stated that "it was an excellent meeting for us, very emotionally charged".

Mr. Karoullas said that as "Ammochostos for Cyprus" meetings were held with both candidates, Nikos Christodoulidis and Andreas Mavroyiannis. He thanked Mr. Mavroyiannis for the discussion, saying that the main concern and concern of the party is the solution of the Cyprus problem, the well-being of all the citizens of Cyprus, their concerns about the economy and the green transition.

"However, we consider the honesty and reliability of the candidate very important and taking into account the discussions we had in the political office and the procedures followed by our party, we unanimously decided to support the candidacy of Andreas Mavroyiannis for the second round of the presidential elections" , he said. He added that this is done with a critical attitude and without giving a blank check.

Mr. Mavroyiannis moved and thanked Mr. Karoullas for the support. He stated that he will do everything he can and must do "so that we can all fight together for the rights of all our displaced persons, our refugees, so that we can find a solution to the Cyprus problem that will finally allow the return to Famagusta and at the same time for solving all the serious problems that plague our society and none of which are independent of the others, whether it is the economy, whether it is green development, whether it is our education, whether it is culture." He added that Famagusta is completely connected to our culture.

Probably today the announcement about the Minister of Finance

When Mr. Mavroyiannis was asked if he would announce the Minister of Finance today, he replied, "probably, by the end of the day." He added that "I am not happy that there are these pressures for names. I would like more for the world to see and judge our political positions, the perception we have of the market economy and green growth and healthy business and the support of social strata and social cohesion, beyond any person ». He added that the stake in the second round is to choose the President of the Republic.

Asked whether he has communicated his decision to the General Secretary of AKEL, with whom he met in the morning, he replied that "we are talking with the General Secretary of AKEL and of course AKEL is one of the main contributors to this effort and we have a continuous exchange opinions". He said that the decisions belong "to me as a candidate for the President of the Republic".

Source: KYPE