PASYXE Famagusta: July is better than June

What Doros Ttkkas said

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July this year will be better than June in terms of the fullness of hotels in the free province of Famagusta, Doros Takkas, President of the local Pancyprian Hoteliers Association (PASYXE), told KYPE.

He added that "bookings for July are expected to be better than in June. In the free area of ​​Famagusta in June the occupancy of hotels and other tourist accommodation is expected to close around 60-65% ".

We are satisfied, he continued “from the bookings that currently exist in the province, under the current conditions, however these (bookings) are not reminiscent of what was happening in the area in previous years, when the occupancy of hotels exceeded 90% . With the current data that we have in front of us, the fullness that we have at this time, is for us a positive development ".

Answering a relevant question, Mr. Takkas said that "it is expected that July will be better in terms of bookings and we see the interest that exists, however everything is of the last week and the last moment especially through the internet. The heart of summer is July and we are satisfied with the fact that we will have several reservations, while we see that August is going just as well ".

He added that "after the war in Ukraine and the loss of markets from Russia and Ukraine, tourists arriving in the free province of Famagusta are from Britain, the Nordic countries and the rest of Central Europe. However, efforts are constantly being made to attract more tourists from France, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and other countries. "

Asked about the subsidized vacation program, Mr. Takkas replied that "this normally continues until July 31. This program helps both hoteliers and other tourism companies, especially on weekends with Cypriots who want to get away from everyday life even for two days ".

To another question, the President of PASYXE Famagusta answered that "in the program of subsidized vacations of the Ministry of Tourism, around 88 hotels participate from the free province".