Toyota bZ4X GR Sport Concept: Sport electric style

The Japanese firm is essentially announcing the expansion of the available options of its first electric SUV with a prototype that follows the usual paths of the GR Sport versions and will soon be part of the bZ4X range

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Among the many interests presented by Toyota at the Tokyo Motor Show was a more sporty variant of the model that undertakes to recommend the Japanese manufacturer's exuberant electrical strategy.

The Toyota bZ4X GR Sport as the original model is called has the usual design improvements that the Japanese reserve for the GR Sport versions and given that there are already corresponding versions of the Yaris and Corolla, this one will not remain in the status of the concept car and will will soon be transformed into a new option to be added to the SUV range.

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In terms of the peculiarities of the version, it benefits from a sharper bodykit, larger wheels, sports seats and a new matte black shade that takes care to emphasize the above.

A careful observation also reveals a shorter distance from the ground, an element that betrays a differentiated suspension. In addition, in the case of the Yaris GR Sport the changes compared to the simple versions of the model include new shock absorbers, reinforced frame as well as a new electric steering system that in combination make its driving behavior more powerful and will probably also be elements of the version. production of Toyota bZ4X GR Sport.

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Apart from the features that "follow" the GR Sport version, it is reminded that the electric SUV as a production version will be available initially in two versions. The "basic" is equipped with a 204 hp electric motor, mounted on the front axle. It is powered by a 71,4 kWh battery which promises a range of 450 km while in terms of performance, the acceleration from 0-100 km / h in 8,4 seconds.

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The second and more powerful version adds a second engine to the equation, increasing the available power to 218 hp and 336 Nm of torque but most importantly, ensuring four-wheel drive. The more powerful version is equipped with the same performance battery, however thanks to its features on the one hand it reduces the acceleration time for the 0-100 sprint to 7,7 seconds and on the other hand it has increased off-road capabilities, offering programs for snow or mud.