He said it all in 1 minute: The video that must be seen by those who suffer from the delivery in the snow

On the occasion of the bad weather and snow that hit much of the country, a distributor uploaded a video for those who order.

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On the occasion of bad weather and snow that hit much of the country one distributor upload a video for those ordering.

"I uploaded the video to stop ordering" said the distributor who fell five times into the snow, going on an order.

Driving on the streets of Attica only for the stuntman, was transformed by the onset of bad weather "Elpis".

Many people were trapped on the highways of the basin, with drivers complaining about his absence state apparatus and the staff state. Even today, Tuesday (25/01), a public holiday, the traffic on many roads is very difficult, while many "narrow", especially in areas with heavy snowfall, have not been cleaned, making them inaccessible to I .X., Let alone with a motorbike.

So think about the "Odyssey", but also the danger that all those who "must" work have to face, circulating on the streets under these adverse weather conditions. And you may have thought of them right away delivery men, however, do not do the same and those who continue to order unrepentant in the snow.

Distributor uploads videos to TikTok and goes viral

The TikToker, Christos Raftas which has often gone viral lately with his humorous videos, has targeted these very people. In the video he delivers an order himself, of course mocking the customer that he arrived safely at the spot.

@xristos_raftas I wish you to go to the toilet🛵❄️ #psilokatalaves #mpouketa #delivery #ellinaras #xioni ♬ original sound - Raftas

From his side, Panagiotis Kriemadi, who actually works as a distributor and uploaded a video on TikTok with the five drops (!) he had from his motorbike going to place an order, spoke to Open, appealing to people to stop ordering in the snow.

"I handed it over in its entirety. Thanks to the video there is a huge mobilization on social media and support of the people. There are people who comment that the video was made and I am not a distributor " he confessed.

However, the distributor hastened to clarify that the order was made before the snowfall started, while as soon as it started, the store closed. "I find it unthinkable for my peers to place an order" concluded.


via: Enimerotiko