Humanity lesson of the day: Deliverer helps grandmother with Alzheimer's return home safely

An optimistic example is the distributor below who found a 92-year-old with Alzheimer's on his street and helped her return home.

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An optimistic example is the following distributor he found on his way 92 years old with Alzheimer's and helped her return to her home.

Gigi, a 92-year-old woman with advanced Alzheimer's, left her home and wandered around the New Jersey area for quite some time. The camera located on the bell of her house recorded the moment she left her house.

Luckily for her, one Amazon distributor, Vilmar, spotted her wandering the streets of New Jersey and from medical bracelet which she wore on her arm, he was able to find out where she lived and return her home.

The video posted on Reddit moved netizens and soon went viral.

As you will see, the Amazon delivery man helped the 92-year-old with Alzheimer's out of the van, then took her by the hand and handed her to her granddaughter, Karen.

“I think it's very important for the community to take care of each other. If something happens, see something, say something. You just want to make sure your neighbors are safe, everyone is happy. Everyone benefits, as long as we all contribute», the distributor said.

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