The tragic game that fate played on the successors of four Greek business families

The death that came early and unjustly and the coincidences in their stories

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It was written… It was fatal… When it happened… The ugly game of fate… Fate played its own tragic game… Really, is there fate? Are we fatalists? And if so, what's your fate that keeps people playing bad games? Who does not discriminate? Who does not care about youth, dreams and thirst for life?

Really, how many times have we not done even one of the above thoughts, when we hear that another young child has passed away? And another family is swirling in the vortex of absolute pain…. The nightmare that no family wants to live in, the nightmare of losing your child.

Recently, Alexandros Zacharias lost his life in a car accident at the age of 23. The young son of the businessman of the well-known toy company. And upon hearing the news, the Vakaki family of Jumbo came to everyone's mind, when two years ago they lost the young Giorgos in a car accident. He was only 23 years old. Stories almost the same. But they are not the only ones.

Alexandros Onassis, Alexandros Zacharias, George Vakakis, Alexis Koulouvatos. Four successors of well-known families, who tragically lost their lives at a young age. Parallel games of fate and coincidences that somehow unite his stories.

The death of Alexandros Onassis "killed" the Greek Croesus

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The weakness of Aristotle Onassis to his son Alexander was great. Although the two men often clashed, Aristotle intended him as his successor. young Alexander had a weakness for airplanes. For his sake, after all, they say that he organized the Olympic.


Young Alexander had begun training for his father's succession in business. But when man makes plans (even if he is Onassis) fate makes its own. And for the Greek tycoon he reserved the most tragic…

It was January 20, 1973. Aristotle Onassis was with Jackie Kennedy in New York to celebrate his birthday. Back in Greece, Alexandros, accompanied by his father's two pilots, boarded the new Piaggio plane to test it. Seconds after takeoff and for a reason that remains unknown, the aircraft crashed and crashed. The young Onassis was transported seriously injured to the KAT.

On hearing the news o Aristotle Onassis he sees the world next to him collapsing. He immediately returns to Athens and brings with him three neurosurgeons, the world's leading ones. He also brings the British neurosurgeon, Richardson. Unfortunately, the news is not pleasant.

All four agree that there is no hope for Alexander. And any attempt to keep him alive is futile. It is said that Aristotle Onassis asked the doctors to remove the tubes so that his only one would not suffer anymore. On January 23, the doctors announce to his parents and his sister, Christina, that Alexander is no longer with them. Tina Libanou faints and Onassis collapses.

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Tina Libanou on the day of Alexander's funeral

The death of his son did not overcome him. His loss brought him serious health problems. Two years later he died of myasthenia gravis in Paris. When he lost his son, he said that for him life no longer had any meaning…

The double tragic game of fate for the Koulouvatos family

Possibly, to most people, the name "Koulouvatou" does not say much, like other important businessmen of the place. However, this is the family behind the famous hotels "Amalia" in Syntagma, Nafplio and Delphi. Today, the business is run by the eldest son, Konstantinos, who was called to collect the wreckage from the game that fate played on his family and to continue.

The story of Koulouvatos could be the script of a dramatic film. Because only a pen dipped in pain ink could write this script. Four years ago, specifically in April 2015, Thodoris Koulouvatos passed away, who was in a coma for 15 whole years. The sad news of the death was accompanied by the revelation of the tragic story that the family has been experiencing for the last 25 years.

Christina Politi, a friend of the family, then revealed in a post on her page, Cosmopolitan their incredible story.

The youngest son of the family, Alexis (like Alexandros Onassis) finished his studies in Boston and had returned to Greece. It was June 1990 and he and his friends were at a party in Ekali. As they were leaving, to protect his friend who had been drinking a little more, he gave him the family car and he took his motorcycle. on the way to the center of Athens and for an unknown reason, he lost control and fell. However, he was hit in the head and died instantly. He was only 25 years old…

The pain of the loss was unbearable for his mother who left a few years later. But fate did not stop there. The middle son of the family, Thodoris - who had a great weakness for his younger brother - in 2001 swallowed, suffered a brain injury and fell into a coma for about 15 years. He passed away on April 11, 2015, one day after the birthday of his brother, Alexis. According to Christina Politi in her post, Thodoris Koulouvatos was engaged to a girl who belonged to the Onassis family, but divorced her after the death of his brother. Possibly for precautionary reasons…

The tragic accident that "froze" the Panhellenic

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Apostolos Vakakis or Mr. Jumbo

It was February 26, 2017 when Porsche led by the young George Vakakis, escaped from its course on the Athens-Lamia highway and found itself on the side road. The car fell too fast on a parked car that was outside the toilets in a parking lot on the highway.

Four people, Mr Jumbo's son George Vakakis, his friend and co-driver Andreas Georgakopoulos, the then 33-year-old wife of Ypatios Patmanoglou, Apostolia, who was inside the parked vehicle, and the three their son, Paul.

The news of the shocking accident freezes the Panhellenic. To be accompanied by the revelation that the fatal Porsche It was driven by Mr.'s son. Jumbo. Apostolos Vakakis that day, in Porto Heli where he is said to have been, received the phone call that no parent ever wants to receive. His 23-year-old son was dead and at the same time the protagonist in a car accident with a small child dead. It was found in absolute "zero" α What followed is more or less known. A flurry of articles, comments and statements on the internet, newspapers and television.

A few 24 hours later, the family of Apostolos Vakakis requested that its statement on last Sunday's tragic accident be broadcast through the Athenian-Macedonian Agency.

"God asks us to manage the unthinkable and live with the unbearable. In these difficult times, we would like to express our deepest condolences to the other families and to thank everyone for their support in our grief over the tragic untimely loss of three young people and a child.

Apostolos Vakakis family "wrote the statement of 54 words.

The car accident that "awakened" tragic memories

Just a few days ago, on Tuesday afternoon (23/7), fate reserved its bad game for Zacharias' family. The youngest son of the well-known businessman in the field of toys, Alexandros (like Onassis and Koulouvatos) lost control of the vehicle he was driving, on Trabzon Avenue in Agios Stefanos and crashed into a pillar resulting in a tragic death.

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The tragic news immediately made the rounds of the internet, while the comparison with the death of George Vakakis inevitably came. After all, the two stories are united in a sad way by a tragic coincidence. Two families, two businessmen, two strong names in the field of children's play. Jumbo and Zacharias are two of the largest chains in the gaming space, which may be business competitors but are associated with similar blows of fate in their personal lives. Both children left at about the same age, having dreams and plans for the future.