Strong reactions for Jumbo: "Leave whenever Vakakis wants and fine the offending employees"

The accusations of the employees towards the toy giant Mr. are increasing. Jumbo on working conditions.

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The accusations of the employees towards the toy giant are increasing Mr. Jumbo on working conditions.

His strong reaction Athens Chamber of Commerce brought the signing of an internal regulation between Jumbo management and employees, talking about "galley practices and work impunity"

According to the SEA, with rules of procedure Jumbo management attempts to relocate and remove any employee from the department or store or facility in which they work.

At the same time, the SEA complains that based on the same regulation, the company may, in addition to remarks and reprimands, impose a fine "To the offender - employee" deducting up to 1/4 of his monthly salary ".

According to this regulation, Jumbo can:

Based on article 14, par 1b, to determine the job position, to move and to dismiss any employee from the department or the store or the facility in which he works, to another department or store or in general a position of the same or relevant specialty within the borders of the Greek Territory! That is, this month Athens, the other Thessaloniki.

Based on article 15, par1 to define the duration of the daily and weekly work, the start and end hours of the working day, the work breaks of its staff and the work system. Paragraph 3 of the same article states that working time is considered exclusively the one during which the employees provide a real service that has been assigned to them. That is, the working hours will become rubber according to how it suits the employer, it does not fit the break, the preparation (change of clothes, etc.).

Based on article 18, par.1 the time and the order of partially granted license (summer and winter) is determined by the Company! And the employees' leave is convenient for the employer and he makes sure to do this in detail in various parts of the text so that there are no misinterpretations.

Based on article 33 the company has the status of "Personal Data Processing Manager" and can file in any way it wants employees, consumers and suppliers.

Based on article 46 the company may, in addition to remarks and reprimands, impose a fine "on the offender - employee" by deducting up to 1/4 of the monthly salary of.

Labor violence in the rules of procedure

And these are just a small sample of what is provided and tie the working limbs of the workers. That is why we can only take as a bad joke what is mentioned in the annex of the specific internal regulation on the prevention and treatment of incidents of violence and harassment at work and the management of internal complaints.

Because violence is the specific labor regulation according to which the employer can define the working hours, working hours, leave and salaries of thousands of employees with the sole criterion of its profits.

Violence is forcing employees to live on paid wages, amid the insecurity of part-time contracts.

Violence is to harass new children, students, women who need a day job through 15-day contracts in specific periods (school, holidays, summer, etc.) and throw them in pieces in the unemployment.

Violence is having the right to move employees throughout Greece.

We can make their laws and regulations useless with our collective, mass struggle. Organized in our union we can claim human hours, decent salaries, stable work. To isolate any phenomenon of violence that feeds on the rot of our wild exploitation.

They call him Mr. Vakakis  mr. 7 days - 12 hours. They talk about work galleys, miserable individual employment contracts and talk about dozens of complaints. According to the 26 pages of Jumbo's Rules of Procedure, breaks and even change of clothes are removed, and a κατά reduction in salary is provided as a penalty for "violations" and the file of employees, consumers and suppliers is allowed. Good evening at Big Data. The working hours will become a tire according to how it suits the employer. As a result of this complaint, the hashtag #cancel_Jumbo was trending on Twitter.


via: Enimerotiko