Katerina Thanou: Talks for the first time about her divorce from Alexandros Parthenis


The well-known Olympian Katerina Thanou makes very rare secular appearances and generally does not want to occupy the media with personal life.

The news of her divorce from Alexandros Parthenis about a year and a half ago, and specifically in October 2016, fell like lightning in the air, just like the news of their marriage a few years ago.

On Wednesday night, in one of her rare public appearances, she spoke to Happy Day's camera and, among other things, was asked about her divorce, and she answered characteristically:

"I am as you see me… I do not know how I look… As I look I am. If you see me fine, I'm fine! "I'm fine and that means everything."

See what was said, as well as Katerina Thanou's reaction when asked if she is ready to take the next step in her life, in the video that follows: