Decisive developments in the Madeline case. "Key" woman funds research that gets extended

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A woman who is considered a "key" in the much-maligned case of little Madeline, who has been working in the media for years, is decisively contributing to the search for new evidence, through funding of 154.000 pounds that she secures. Thus, according to the new data, the research is extended until March 2018.

The woman is said to be of Bulgarian origin and lived with her husband in Praia da Luz. Authorities estimate that her husband has now passed away and was German.

Last May, ten years after Madeleine McCann's disappearance, a police source revealed that a key suspect in the girl's disappearance was a woman who was near a tourist resort but no longer lives in Portugal.

According to the source, this woman "is the key to the case", adding that after months of uninterrupted work and investigations, the police will soon be able to answer some questions. "The police hope that this woman can lead to an arrest."

Witness Jeny Murat claimed that this woman caught her attention as she had "strange behavior" and was staring at the apartment where the mixed Madeleine lived with her family.

Murat was shopping and returning home when she saw the woman standing next to a lamppost.

"It was dusk and I saw a woman standing on the street corner staring. I did not know her, but she caught my attention because she was wearing purple clothes and also because it is unusual for anyone - and especially for a woman - to stand alone on the street of the tourist resort and just look at the building.

The next day, we heard that a little girl was missing and then I told the police about the woman I had seen. It was strange for a woman to stand there alone. I did not recognize her and I have no information about her identity but she seems a bit suspicious. "If it is an important element in the case, I hope the police will find it, wherever it is," he said characteristically.

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