Member of Parliament N.D. for Malta singer: "It bothers me that she shows off her 80 extra pounds"

Eurovision turns into a competition to "show" some artists as something different

konstantinos mpogdanos gia tragoydistria maltas me enochlei oti provallei ta 80 parapanisia kila tis Eurovision, KONSTANTINOS BOGDANOS

Ο Constantinos Bogdanos He spoke at Proino and commented on the weight of the Maltese singer at Eurovision, while he confessed that the difference in the competition scares him.

Konstantinos Bogdanos believes that Destiny promoted the kilos and not the song

"I liked the Maltese song, but I am bothered by the fact that it highlights the fact that it weighs 80 kilos more than normal", the New Democracy MP underlined at the same time. Constantinos Bogdanos, except for Destiny - who won 7th place in her competition Eurovision- expressed his concern whether the Eurovision turned into a competition that will participate to "show" some artists as something different.

Konstantinos Bogdanos is scared of diversity at Eurovision

"It simply came to our notice then Eurovision whether it is a song or diversity contest ", pointed out the MP and journalist and added" I am already afraid that Eurovision has started to become a show, in which in the end the real battle will be between those who have come down to sing and those who have comes down to be "shown" as something different. "Hello, I have a penis and a beard." OK, dude, well done. "