The Fire Brigade in Famagusta is on alert - Towing vehicles and pumping rainwater

IMG 1666 scaled FLOOD, Fire Department

The Fire Department from 06.00 on 14 December 2019 until 06.00 on 15 December 2019 responded to 42 calls for help, 3 fires, 38 special services and 1 fake call.

At 14.45, a call was received for a car accident on 25th of March Street in the village of Xylofagou. A Toyota Corolla collided with a telecommunications authority pole on the side of the road. Members of the Police and the Fire Brigade from the Famagusta Fire Station responded with a team and a rescue vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was released using hydraulic rescue tools and after he was provided with First Aid in collaboration with the Ambulance Service, he was transported by ambulance to T.A.E.P. of Famagusta hospital.

Of the 38 special services, 16 concerned the heavy rainfall in the Larnaca and Famagusta Provinces:

Famagusta Fire Station: 5 responses

  • 1 rainwater pumping by a vehicle repair shop
  • 2 towing vehicles with passengers which were immobilized on flooded roads.
  • 2 Rainwater drainage openings on a public road.