GREECE: The fine for those who have not been vaccinated over 60 is suspended, it is not abolished

What will happen to the health workers who remain unvaccinated

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Students will be required to take only one self-test per week from 1 April onwards, while fines for those who have not been vaccinated over the age of 60 are suspended and will not be lifted.

The Minister of Health, Thanos Plevris, speaking to ANT1 said that the suspension of the fine is valid from April 15 to August 30 and then any decisions that will depend on the course of epidemiological data will be reviewed.

Cases remain high

As for the epidemiological picture today, he said it has two sides. The cases remain at high levels, but this is not reflected in hospitalizations, inside and outside the ICU. Crucial to this is the fact that 85% of adults are vaccinated and 90% of those over 60.

In the part of the suspension of the health services, Th. Plevris was categorical:

The health workers who remain unvaccinated will remain outside the NSS until 31/12. Their issue will then be re-examined depending on how the pandemic develops. The health minister said that of the 7.000 health workers who were initially suspended, about 3.500 remain unvaccinated at the moment, but there are many who have returned with a disease certificate, so there can be no clear picture of how many have been vaccinated.

In April we will know about the 4th installment

On the subject of the 4th dose of the vaccine, he said that it is expected to be clarified in April, after the suggestions of the scientists. Finally, regarding the vaccination certificate, the Minister of Health clarified that it will not be abolished. What is being considered to be abolished, in the first phase for the period from April to summer, are the restrictions that exist for the access of the unvaccinated indoors and outdoors.