Greece: 46-year-old sends his partner to hospital - Blood appeal for 40-year-old

The 46-year-old who sent his partner to the hospital to the investigator - The 40-year-old is being treated in a very critical condition

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The 46-year-old man, who is accused of the brutal beating of his 40-year-old partner, passed through the investigator's door this morning, last Friday morning in Argyroupoli, and who is being treated in critical condition at the Evangelismos Intensive Care Unit.

After three days and while the police were looking for him in the context of the issuance of an arrest warrant, the 46-year-old presented himself with his lawyer yesterday afternoon at the Security Sub-Directorate of Southeast Attica and immediately afterwards he was arrested on charges of attempted murder with intent to calm down.

"I hit her but I did not want to send her to the hospital either" were his first words to the police. "We had a fight and the situation got out of hand. I did not expect my blows to do her such harm. When I saw her covered in blood on the floor, I was scared and left, "the martial arts expert added, before the police took him to the police station cell in order to be taken to the investigator today to apologize.

The perpetrator who immediately after the brutal beating of his 40-year-old partner, tried to disappear, while he called his sister informing her about the incident in order to notify EKAB. Indeed, the perpetrator's sister, according to information, arrived at the house where the beating took place and was waiting for the EKAB crew, who arrived and received the unfortunate 40-year-old in a faint state.

The 46-year-old took the car of his parents who, according to information, died from the coronavirus and disappeared, knowing that if he waited at the spot, the police would come to arrest him. At the same time, he hung up his cell phone so that no one could find him. So after three days he presented himself voluntarily where he confessed to the savage beating of his partner.

The accused according to neighbors showed a tough face and was known for his violent behavior. A behavior that he showed for years. He had been married three times and had divorced an equal number because of the violent behavior he showed towards his wives.

According to the information, 26 years ago he had tried to strangle his then wife, while in 2015 he had attacked his then 23-year-old wife, whom he had even stabbed while they were in Argos. The woman was then miraculously saved when she hid in a swamp and was located by passers-by who transported her seriously injured to the hospital. The same information states that this woman took their child and left for a foreign country.

A 46-year-old judo teacher, he used martial arts not for self-defense or to teach it, but against defenseless women who happened to be his wives and partners. His latest victim is 40-year-old Olga, whom he knew in recent months.

Call for blood for the 40-year-old

In a very critical condition, after the beating by her partner, in Argyroupoli, the 40-year-old woman is being treated in the ICU of the "Evangelismos" hospital

The Mayor of Argyroupoli-Elliniko, Giannis Konstantatos made a post on social media calling on the people to donate blood for the 40-year-old woman.

Specifically, he writes: "We will need blood The negative in Evangelismos Clinic ICU 4 in the name of Dimitrakopoulou Olga. "They can donate blood from other cities to the hospital in their city."