Greece: The 12-year-old also accuses her grandfather of indecency

"I did not abuse the girl," says the priest

koritsimani 12 years old, PRIEST, Mani

The mother of the 12-year-old from Mani still can not recover from the shock when she learned that the priest with whom she had a relationship in recent years, was abusing her 12-year-old daughter.

In the conversation that Tassoula Papanikolaou had with her for the STAR Central News Bulletin, she cried constantly and asked us to help her child. "He has made fun of my daughter he has hurt what can I tell you my lady… My daughter was getting dressed and he was laughing, he was in shorts but it did not cross my mind that he has hurt his girlfriend such a thing from my mind The girl was going for a walk… My daughter was with me with the priest for a month, no, they say no for three years, "the mother confessed.

What did he say to her when he found out what happened? "He says it is not true and he denies but he used to come here where I work and begged me not to lose my temper αυτός When he and his daughter went to Smile my lady and I were at the psychiatrist at the hospital in Tripoli!" states to STAR.

Priest: "I am not the one who abused the girl!"

The preliminary investigation for the indecency of the 12-year-old in Eastern Mani lasted a year and a half. The girl complains not only about the priest's mother's partner but also about her grandfather, with whom she lived until the day she moved in with the priest, the priest claimed to the authorities.

"The mother asked me to stay with her child to escape from a slum in which she lived in a state of utter misery and I agreed to help. A few days later, her mother was taken to hospital with a serious health problem. I could not raise her and so I led her to the Child's Smile and asked the Prosecutor to give them custody. I never touched her. I treated her like she was my own child. "I do not know why she says that I abused her," the priest claims in his apology.

The 12-year-old also names her biological grandfather for incest

"The child himself named his biological grandfather as the person who may have harassed him and after eight months of child psychiatric examinations there was a suspicion that someone else could harass the child and that is the priest… He is a "He is a child who has gone through extremely traumatic experiences; he is a priest and a man of God and he can endure even the most severe ordeal," the lawyer of the 57-year-old priest, Nikos Ioannou, told STAR.

"She was not bothered by her grandfather!"

Why does the child also report his grandfather for indecency? "She told me that because she has it, my father used to hit her, but there is no such thing to sit down wisely. You can ask all of Greece about my father. "My father has been disabled for two years. There is no such thing," the mother of the 12-year-old told STAR.

The charges against the priest are rape and seduction of a minor. The girl's grandfather will testify in the coming days. He lives in another village of Laconia with his wife.

Tassoula Pananikolaou also contacted the priest's daughter who supports her father and wants to prove - as she said - the truth.

The Diocese of Mani has made the priest available after his pre-trial detention in the prisons of Tripoli.

Source: omegalive