Seventh complaint about the "dragon" - What a woman who attacked her in Exarchia said

He is illegally in Greece

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Another complaint is added to the case file against the 23-year-old "Dragon of the Exarchies", who was arrested on Tuesday night, after complaints had been made by five women and a minor girl about attacks they received.

The arrested person is expected to plead on Friday after the deadline he received on Wednesday from the prosecutor.

Specifically, according to what the 31-year-old woman testified to ELAS, the incident happened on November 16 in the area of ​​Exarchia.

The 23-year-old Syros was following her and tried to attack her on one of the busiest streets in the center of Athens. She, as she reported, started running in fear, asking for help from passers-by, with the perpetrator finally stopping chasing her and disappearing into the surrounding alleys.

There are other victims of the "dragon"

The police investigating the case say that the complainants may not be his only victims. At the same time, the administrative investigation regarding non-compliance with the restrictive conditions imposed on the 23-year-old, after his release from prison in August 2023, is ongoing.

By order of the Minister of Citizen Protection, Yiannis Oikonomou, the Commander of the Oropos Security Department is removed. This is the Department where the 23-year-old had to attend, three times a month, which he never did after his release from prison.

He is illegally in Greece

The investigation showed that since April 2, 2021, he was in the country illegally, as on April 1, 2023, his residence permit expired, without ever being renewed.

As for the restrictive conditions imposed on him, the second concerned his mandatory stay in the Malakasa facility. However, he did not meet this condition either, since he never appeared in the structure in question.

On Friday, the apology of the "dragon of Exarchia"

This is the perpetrator of attacks on women

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History of attacks

Two months after his release from prison, the 23-year-old Syros began a new cycle of attacks. On October 24, he attacked a woman in Glyfada, where he finally walked away from the scene of the attack. The woman gave a statement, but because of the commotion she was unable to describe his features.

He specifically stated, “I realized he was following me and I started running. But he sped up. I saw him pleasuring himself. He ran at me and covered my nose and mouth. I fought with him and he left."

The second target of the "dragon" is a doctor at the entrance of the apartment building in Exarchia on November 16. Two days later, at 14:30 p.m., the victim is a girl who was attacked on the stairs of her gym in Exarchia.
Then follows the attack from behind on a 29-year-old woman, which was recorded by security cameras in the area, and 10 minutes later another attack on a 27-year-old woman, again on the road of Exarchia.
It is noted that in all the above-mentioned cases the victims fought with the perpetrator and in the end he fled for fear of arrest.