Mykonos: Friend left a 3.000 euro tip for a 20.000 euro bill (VIDEO)

The prices are dizzying

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A party in Mykonos paid 19.565 euros to have their drinks and left a tip of 2.934 euros, making a "sum" of 22.500 euros. Prices are skyrocketing, while shopkeepers seem to be getting rich off the vain lifestyles of tourists. However, as stated in the Open report, for this account no receipt was cut.

The group of ten people got drinks that start at 26 euros and reach 1.900 euros and main dishes that start at 43 euros and end up at 150 euros. However, the shops are full and reservations are required. It is noted that many shops charge... a minimum consumption that can start from 250 euros.

And all this… without proof. The control cord of the Independent Public Revenue Authority in the country's tourist areas to detect tax violations is getting tighter and tighter. In the first place of the list compiled by AADE, is Mykonos, with the controls on the "island of the winds" being sweeping as it is the top tourist destination of the country.

In the previous days, however, a well-known beach bar of the island was caught red-handed, as although there were receipts with a total value of 85,450 euros on all the tables, the cash registers from which they were issued were not declared to the tax office. That is, in other words, this turnover is not recorded anywhere, and the VAT goes into the pockets of the owners, who do not even pay income tax on the specific amounts. Immediately, fines of 500 euros per mechanism were imposed.