Stathis Panagiotopoulos was handed over to the authorities

Stathis Panagiotopoulos voluntarily surrendered to the police a while ago.

AARKA8s 4 surrendered, Stathis Panagiotopoulos

It is noted that yesterday he filed a lawsuit against the 23-year-old, as after an investigation he realized that Panagiotopoulos had posted a "pink" video with their personal moments.

Meanwhile, the existence of seven other illegal videos with an equal number of girls that exist on the internet and are related to Stathis Panagiotopoulos was reported through ERT and the show "Connections" by the well-known criminologist Apostolos Lytras, who represents the second of the two girls who proceeded relevant complaint. He talked about unconfirmed information that raises the number of illegal "pink" videos to 9 in total and talked about developments during the day.

The information is for seven more videos besides the original first and the second that came to light yesterday and concerns a girl, his family friend with whom he had had an affair in the past. The girl had reasonable suspicions that he was videotaping her when she was only 18 years old -23 today- to finally find out that the material had leaked on the internet to a site with similar content.

"A girl contacted me, who is in fact a family friend of Panagiotopoulos. Some years ago they had a relationship. It was informed the day before yesterday that the specific person had uploaded videos from their meeting and photos of the girl on the Internet. "Anyone who has had a relationship with him in the past, you realize that he is in a situation that goes through her mind," he said.

As the girl said, she filed a lawsuit yesterday. Asked whether the well-known presenter is expected to be brought in, he simply said that the reaction of the Justice is expected "let me say that we are waiting for the developments within the day", he stressed.

"Any girl who has fallen victim to such situations to go to the authorities to talk, has nothing to be ashamed of. Do not blame the victims. It is macho to say that it was the girls' fault that they allowed recording. "Everyone has the right to do whatever they want in their personal life, but no one has the right to publish someone else's personal life on the internet," Mr Lytras said.

He said that they have guarantees from the Electronic Crime Prosecution that the 23-year-old's illegal material will come down from the original source, "but with the reproduction we can not do anything like the internet", he noted.

Regarding the penalties for leaking personal data, he said that they are of a misdemeanor nature and provide for up to five years in prison, however, each complaint is counted separately. He clarified that if there was a financial benefit of more than € 120.000 then the charges would be a felony.

"I think this guy should have done exactly the same thing with every girl he was related to, he should have had a plan. If he did it professionally, the prosecution should investigate it, we can not rule out something. "What is certain is that such issues need a psychiatric evaluation," said Mr. Lytras, speaking at the First Program.