What Dimitra Pispirigou testified for 9,5 hours in GADA

What Dimitra Pispirigou said in her testimony

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While Roula Pispirigou remains in custody for the death of 9-year-old Georgina on the charge of premeditated murder, Dimitra Pispirigou crossed the threshold of GADA in order to testify about the much-praised Patras case that has shocked the panel.

It is recalled that the testimony of D. Pispirigou, which lasted more than 9 hours, comes after the forensic report of Karakouki-Kalogria, who attributed the death of 3,5-year-old Malena and 6-month-old Iris to criminal activity.

What Dimitra Pispirigou said in her testimony

Among other things, Roula Pispirigou's sister and aunt of the children throughout her stay at the General Police Directorate of Attica defended to the end the view that her sister would never harm her children, while responding to a "rain" of questions from police officers who have been trying to shed light on the case in recent months.

"I do not believe that Roula has harmed her children. If they have not died of pathological causes and there is someone responsible for their death, let them come and tell me scientifically substantiated. "I want to know the truth and I want justice for my angels and for all those responsible to suffer the consequences", she noted according to the information in her testimony.

According to the TV station MEGA, the police put a lot of weight on the murder of Iris, with Dimitra Pispirigou repeating what she had mentioned in her initial statement. As she said, she was the one who found the little girl dead, she notified her sister and then they called Manos Daskalakis, before calling EKAB.

Roula's sister also insisted that she did not hear or see anything on the disputed morning that would raise suspicions about Iris' suffocating death. "What I know is enough for me to have an opinion. "But if for half a chance in the one million percent that I give, it turns out the opposite, in the next minute all those who made a mistake in this case must be removed from their positions", he added.

"Roula, let's break up with Manos"

The police then focused on the problems in the couple's relationship. As he said, the quarrels were frequent and intense. She had advised 33-year-old Roula Pispirigou to divorce Manos Daskalakis, for the sake of the children.

"Roula did not want to divorce Manos. It made sense. They also had three children together. All of us, with a lot of talking, explained to my sister with arguments. As you know, we typically told her, Roula, your mother, your father, your father-in-law and your mother-in-law are all divorced. "Let you separate yourself from getting into fights and being hit", he noted.

According to her, Manos Daskalakis had an extramarital affair: "Sometimes Manos happened to make an acquaintance and get carried away and leave home." "I had no idea about my sister's extramarital affair. I had not confessed the slightest thing. I found out after Manos found out and they got into a fight ", added Dimitra Pispirigou.

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