60-year-old arrested for fraud against elderly people in Thessaloniki: He had snatched 286.000 euros citing non-existent traffic

They approached the elderly - Under the pretext that their close relatives had fallen victim to alleged car accidents, they extorted large sums of money


They approached the elderly on the pretext that their close relatives had fallen victims of alleged road accidents or need immediate surgery, due to a serious health problem, they managed to extract large sums of money from them.

This is a well-organized circuit of foreigners based in Thessaloniki.

Member of the organization and one Bulgarian, 60 years old who was arrested by police on her charge illegal posting about 286.000 euros from their elderly victims.

Prosecution investigations are continuing to locate and arrest the other members of the organization.

A 60-year-old foreigner - a member of the criminal was identified and arrested for the case