Caution! Tricksters send emails impersonating the Police (PICTURE)

New email scam - Special attention is recommended by the Police

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The Police recommends special attention to the public, regarding a new form of e-mail messages, which falsely pretend to have been sent by the Cyprus Police.

The emails are sent from fake email addresses and include a letter bearing the logos of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order and the Cyprus Police. The letter is written in the Greek language and the Crime Fighting Department of the Police Headquarters is mentioned as the sender, while it is presented as signed by a Police Officer.

The fake letter states that the recipients are involved and charged with various criminal offences, including internet and child pornography offences. Through the fake letter, the recipients are invited to respond to give their own version.

The Police informs the public that this letter is fake and under no circumstances are messages of this type sent by the Cyprus Police to citizens or organizations. These messages constitute an attempt to deceive citizens, with the perpetrators aiming for financial gain. The public is asked to be especially careful and not respond in case of receiving such messages.

It is recommended that in case of receiving such messages, citizens inform the Police and avoid any communication or transaction through these malicious messages and the suspicious addresses and electronic links - links - referred to in them.

For the purpose of confirming any outstanding matter with the Police, the public is urged to contact the known communication channels available to the Police, such as the local Police Stations.

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