New Text Scam – Impersonating Banks and Asking for Confirmation of Details (PICTURE)

The Police recommends special attention to the public

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The Police recommends special attention to the public after receiving a number of complaints from citizens regarding internet fraud related to Banking and Credit Institutions.

Specifically, citizens become the recipients of misleading information and messages, through which they are asked to confirm the access details and various account information they maintain in Banks or Credit Institutions.

The confirmation of the data is done through an electronic link (link) that connects the citizens in fake websites that look like the websites of the Banking / Credit Institutions.

As a result, the perpetrators of the fraud gain access to citizens' bank accounts via the internet (e-banking - i-banking) and withdraw large sums of money from the accounts, transferring money by bank transfer to foreign banks.

The public is advised to be very careful and not to reveal to anyone their personal details and passwords of their bank accounts, since no Bank / Credit institution will ever ask for the passwords of its customers.

Citizens are also asked to make sure that any messages they receive over the phone or by e-mail are genuine and have actually been sent by a Bank or Credit Institution where they maintain an account, before accessing any of the institutions' websites via e-mail. link to the relevant messages.

They should also make sure that any website they link to is the original website of the Bank / Credit Institution with which they work.

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