Video from the strong earthquake in Crete: The moment when the 6,3 Richter shakes Sitia

The dramatic seconds that everything "dances" to the rhythm of Richter

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A strong earthquake measuring 6,3 on the Richter scale shooktoday the whole of Crete and especially Sitia, where information speaks of damage.

Videos from the time of the earthquake are posted by Sitia on line on its Facebook page and show those dramatic seconds when everything is shaking.

One video is from a supermarket and the products are seen falling to the ground at the time of the earthquake.

Sitia a while ago

Another video from a store in Sitia at the time of the earthquake…

At the time of the earthquake in Sitia….

Residents took to the streets in fear in several areas of Crete, as the superficial and long-lasting earthquake was felt especially not only on the island but also in the Dodecanese and Cyclades.

Akis Tselentis, director of the Geodynamic Institute of the National Observatory of Athens, spoke to Newsbeast and stressed that "This has nothing to do with the earthquake in Arkalochori. We are not worried at all and apparently it was the main earthquake ".

"Fortunately, the earthquake took place in the sea," he stressed.

After the strong earthquake of 6,3 Richter, with a epicenter 23 kilometers southeast of Zakros, follow several aftershocks in the same area, with the largest so far being recorded at 4,4 Richter.

Sitia after the earthquake

The earthquake is also felt in Rethymno

He was also felt in Rethymno earthquake of 6,3 on the Richter scale that occurred in Eastern Crete.

No problems have been reported to the competent bodies of Rethymnon, with the civil protection and the collaborating bodies being on constant alert. As the vice-governor Maria Lioni stated in APE BPE, there was direct communication with the education directorates of the prefecture "… and as we were told there is no problem. "But I would like to say to my fellow citizens that they must follow the instructions from the civil protection side regarding earthquake protection measures, which concern the whole of Crete."

Ms. Lioni said that many visits have been made to schools and together with the teachers the students have attended earthquake protection classes and those related to their personal safety. "It is important for citizens to check their homes, balconies and flats on their own, in order to identify any cracks or other issues and problems that they should report to the services."


via: Newsbeast