Condom found in dog's stomach – It is being considered a victim of poaching

Arrest warrant for the guardian

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The possibility that a dog was a victim of cattle rustling is being examined, after a surgery was performed on the four-legged animal at a veterinary clinic in Chalkida, which revealed a condom in its stomach.

According to the website, the guardian of a dog visited a veterinary clinic in Oropos and during the ultrasound examination of the dog, it was found that there is a health problem.

Then the guardian of the animal took it to a more specialized veterinary clinic in Chalkida where it was operated on in order to correct the problem that was identified. However, condom residue was found in the dog's stomach, leading to the conclusion that the animal had been poached.

The AT of Chalkida was immediately informed about the case. Subsequently, the same source reports, an arrest warrant was issued and the guardian is being sought as part of the investigation.

According to the legislation for any kind of sexual intercourse with animals, as well as any act of violence or killing of small animals for the purpose of profit and sexual gratification of people who watch or participate in them, the fine is from 30.000 to 50.000 euros for each animal and for each incident.