Katsada for operations on Fig Tree beach

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The Parliamentary Committee on Environment made a reprimand and strong recommendations to the mayor of Paralimni, Theodoros Pyrillis, on Wednesday, which examined the issue of the interventions at Fig Tree beach in Protaras.

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The reason for re-discussing the issue was a recent report by the newspaper "Phileleftheros" in which reference was made to the ecological disaster caused on the beach, due to the interventions that have been made on it. The operations were performed about a year ago by the municipality of Paralimni. Specifically, rocks were placed on the east side of the beach with the intention of expanding it, but the result was to change the direction of the water. During yesterday's session of the Parliamentary Committee, the mayor of Paralimni stated that no recent intervention has taken place in the area and that one year of the works done on the beach has been closed. He also attempted to attribute what was reported in the report to a misinterpretation of the facts by the journalist. Moreover, in a meeting that took place, as mentioned, in September 2014 at the Ministry of Interior, the Department of Public Works had pointed out their opposition to the projects that took place on the beach. However, despite the fact that a year has passed, nothing has been done yet and no measures have been taken for the specific intervention by the municipality. It is also noted that the issue was registered last year in the Environment Committee of the Parliament and MPs had visited The Parliamentary Committee called on the Mayor of Paralimni to soon summon the competent departments to carry out the required studies and to take the necessary measures that will be indicated to him.Source: FILELEFTHEROS