Erdogan on dead immigrants in Evros: "This is Greek culture"

"Watching 12 people die of frostbite is not something you can easily digest - but it is not the first time we experience this customary attitude of Greece"

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a statement at Ankara airport before leaving for Ukraine, called on Russia and Ukraine to act with restraint, while referring to the 16 dead migrants found dead on the Turkish shores of the Turkish border. Greece that sent them to their deaths.

"First of all, watching 12 people die of frostbite is not something you can easily digest. However, this is not the first time we experience this customary attitude of Greece. In fact, not a few people, whose boats were punctured, were sentenced to death. The sinking of these inflatables and the condemnation of the people to death are very important and show what Greece's attitude towards the people is. Unfortunately, this is the indicator of Greek culture. The European Union has always been silent on this issue, as have the world. "I do not think it is possible for them to change their habits," said Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

16 dead immigrants in Evros

Meanwhile, today the Turkish authorities announced that they found 4 other migrants dead in Evros, again accusing Greece of repelling them to Turkey and they died of frostbite, due to the severe weather conditions prevailing in Edirne.

The Turkish president calls on Russia and Ukraine to restrain themselves

"We will exchange ideas on important regional issues. As a Black Sea country, we call on all parties to show restraint. I emphasize once again that we are ready to do everything we can to consolidate peace.

Today we will have a meeting with Mr. Zelensky and then Mr. Putin will pay a visit to Turkey after his visit to China. It would not be right to say which stone we will put where without making these two visits first. But after these meetings we will see what and where we will sit. As an important country in the region, it is not right for us to see the negative developments between Russia and Ukraine.

"At our meeting in Kiev, the situation of our compatriots in Crimea will be at the top of the agenda," the Turkish president said.

The Israeli president's visit in mid-March

Israeli President Isaac Herzog's visit to Turkey has been postponed to mid-March, according to statements by the Turkish president.

"Maybe our partners will do some preparation first by sending a special representative to Israel. "And then we should start the process accordingly," said Tayyip Erdogan.

"We do not recognize any ECtHR"

Commenting on the decision of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on the case of Osman Kavala, the Turkish president said that he does not recognize the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.

"I say this clearly and unequivocally, especially to the courts of first instance in Turkey. We do not recognize those who do not recognize our courts. I say it very clearly. At present, our courts have ruled on the matter. What the ECtHR said, what the Council of Europe said, we are not particularly interested in. Because we first wait for our courts to be respected. "We will not respect those who do not respect us," he said.

Source: RES-EAP