Russia has committed 148 crimes against journalists

The Institute of Mass Information in Ukraine has recorded 148 crimes against journalists since the Russian invasion.

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The Institute for Mass Information in Ukraine accuses Russia of 148 crimes against journalists. More specifically, five journalists have been killed during their reporting, seven journalists have been injured, and one is missing.

According to the Institute, "the occupiers struck 10 television towers, which are political targets, causing the complete or temporary absence of television and radio broadcasts in eight regions of Ukraine. In addition, at least 70 regional media outlets were forced to close due to threats from the Russian occupiers, occupation of pension rooms, inability to work under temporary occupation, lack of opportunities for printing and distribution, etc.

The institute also reports that six journalists have been abducted and 11 have received death threats.

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Which journalists were killed?

  • Yevgeny Sakun, cameraman for the LIVE TV channel (died March 1 during the Russian rocket attack on the TV tower in Kyiv),
  • Brent Reno, former correspondent for the New York Times (killed by Russians on March 13 in Irpin at a checkpoint),
  • Pierre Zakrzewski, Fox News cameraman, Irish national (killed on March 14 during an artillery shelling by Russian troops in the village of Gorenka, Kiev region),
  • Oleksandra Kovsinova, Ukrainian producer, journalist (killed on March 14 along with Pierre Zakrzewski during an artillery bombardment by Russian troops in the village of Gorenka, Kiev region),
  • Oksana Baulina, a journalist with The Insider and the Alexei Navalny Foundation for Corruption (killed on March 23 during a Russian bombing raid in Kyiv while on a mission).


Oxana Baulina