Japan: Planes collide at Hokkaido airport (BINTEO)

No injuries, according to initial reports - One plane had 289 passengers, the other was empty

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An alert was raised late Tuesday afternoon (local time) at Hokkaido's New Chitose Airport in Japan when two planes collided, weeks after the crash at Tokyo's Haneda Airport.

According to fire department reports, a Cathay Pacific aircraft parked on the airport runway was lightly hit by a Korean Air plane that was in motion.

Cathay Pacific confirmed that its plane was on the ground at the time and that it was not carrying passengers, NHK news agency reported.

There were 289 passengers on the Korean Air plane, STV Japan reported.

According to the police, no injuries have been confirmed, while the photos that are circulating show damage to the wings of the planes.

Source: protothema.gr