USA: Parents sued their 30-year-old son to leave their home

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The parents of a 30-year-old man took drastic measures in their attempt to finally force him to spread his wings and leave the family home: they filed a lawsuit against him.

According to court documents, Michael Rotondo does not pay rent, nor does he help with household chores. At the same time, he ignored his parents' offer to give him money to settle somewhere else.

Despite the five eviction notices sent to him, Christina and Mark Rotondo say they are desperate as Michael still refuses to move. Their son claims that he was not notified in time for the eviction.

According to the BBC, the Rotondo couple filed the lawsuit in the court of Onodagan County, near Syracuse, New York, on May 7, after months of trying unsuccessfully to persuade Michael, with the good and the bad, to leave the "nest ”Their.

Their lawyer, Anthony Andorade, told that his parents no longer knew how to force him to leave their home.

"We have decided that you must leave this house immediately," read the first letter sent to him on February 2. When he ignored the letter, he was sent, with the help of his lawyer, a regular eviction notice, on February 13, signed by his mother. They even threatened to initiate "legal proceedings" if he did not move by March 15.

He was then offered money, $ 1.100, and some sharp comments about his behavior. "There are jobs available even for those who have poor work experience like you. Find a job. You have to work! ”They urged him.

On March 30, it became clear to everyone that the son had no intention of leaving. So in April they went to court to prosecute him legally.

According to the local television network WABC News, Michael described the lawsuit as "revengeful" and asked the court to reject his parents' request. The case will be heard in the coming days - a few weeks before Michael's 31st birthday.