SHOCK IMAGES: Owner & Teenage Daughter Broken in Wood Due to… Cold Chicken

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A couple in Florida pleaded guilty Friday to admitting to beating a restaurant owner and her teenage daughter because the chicken she served was cold and did not have enough french fries.


According to Fox News, Nathaniel Eric Smith, 45, and Latasa Denise Smith, 28, pleaded guilty in court to assault and violence against a child. The incident took place in June and was recorded on video, as a result of which it was shown on several TV channels. The video showed Latasa Denise Smith beating Janet Norris, owner of the Qwik Chick restaurant.

When Norris's 15-year-old daughter got out of a car to help her mother, Nathaniel Smith punched her in the face, throwing her down. According to the Florida Times-Union, Norris's nose broke, while her daughter suffered a concussion.

When the Smiths complained that the chicken was cold and there were not enough potatoes, their money was returned to them, but Latasa Denise Smith continued to curse her and knock on the windows, according to the Florida Times-Union. The couple was later identified in the video and arrest warrants were issued. They were wanted for days, and eventually handed over to the sheriff.

Source: HuffPost